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Classical martial arts foster physical strength, mental acuity, and spiritual growth, and powerful self-defense skills offering evidence-based approaches to:

Enhancing Physical Fitness

Increasing Focus

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Eliminating Aches and Pains

Boosting Confidence and Capability

Strengthening Immune Support & Overall Health

Slowing Down Aging

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Cultivating a Conflict-Resolution Mindset

Looking & Feeling Better Than Ever & More

Empowering Wellness Through Classical Martial Arts

For people who want to cultivate their body, mind and spirit wellness with magnificent training methods that work

Tai Chi, Qigong, Northern Shaolin, Xingyi Quan, and Baguazhang – ancient arts for strength, balance, and vitality

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Embody Infinite Victories in Your Life!

In ancient China, 10,000 Victories stood as a renowned and highly successful bodyguard company. These formidable warriors were dedicated to safeguarding precious cargo against the threats of bandits and robbers during treacherous journeys. Notably, the Chinese character for '10,000' signifies infinity. 

At 10,000 Victories, we empower you to attain a state of well-being that radiates health, vitality, triumph, and happiness. Achieving inner and outer harmony with yourself, your family, and your community is the key to unlocking Infinite Victories in life.

Unleash Your Potential with Expert Guidance

Tap into the profound wisdom of classical martial arts with Sifu Jensen's expert tutelage, leading you to strength, healing, and mastery across his 40+ years of experience. He is an international Gold Medalist, renowned instructor, and a direct successor of previous-generation masters. (More about Sifu Jensen & our renowned lineages)

Student Reviews

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Studying martial arts with Sifu Jensen has been a profound experience, more than I even knew possible. He teaches, of course, the movements, but beyond the movements and behind the movements. These physical principles have helped my body really heal and develop in a way I didn't even know possible.

Ila Cantor

10,000 Victories Tai Chi & Qigong Membership

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In the midst of the demands of modern life, it is imperative to nurture robust physical health and a peace of mind.

We make it easy for you to access the secrets from an ancient time when these practices forged countless fearless and strong men and women.

  • Create long-lasting physical, emotional and spiritual health

  • Direct support from Sifu Jensen: Monthly Live Lesson and Q & A session

  • Clear instructions and structured Lesson plans easy to fit into your schedule

  • Unlimited Access to vast library of 600+ Lessons Anytime, Anywhere + New lessons every month

  • Premium Access to our private & safe Tea House community with like-minded people for additional support

"Tai Chi has a greater long term impact on people’s health and longevity than getting periodic acupuncture, herbs, or massage treatments." 

- Michael Broffman

Master L.Ac @Pine Street Clinic (TCM clinic for cancer patients in CA)

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Unlimited Access to all of Tai Chi and Qi Gong Lessons. Monthly live Q and A support directly from Sifu Jensen. Keep up with your practice and progress with one small monthly fee.

Your tuition supports your well-being and the preservation of these marvelous ancient healing arts!

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Unlimited Access to all of Tai Chi and Qi Gong Lessons. Monthly live Q and A support directly from Sifu Jensen. Save $59 with an annual plan.

Your tuition supports your well-being and the preservation of these marvelous ancient healing arts!

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Discover the incredible health benefits & self-defense skills of the unique 10,000 Victories Ancient Lineage Arts and their fascinating physical techniques and exercises!

Powerful Practices

Create Your Long-Lasting Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Health

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What's Included in the Membership?

Entire Tai Chi and Qigong Programs

• Old Yang Family Tai Chi Long Form x 69 videos lessons

• Foundation Stances x 6 video lessons

• Getting Results x 38 video lessons

• Linear Technique Drills x 18 video lessons

• Balance Drills x 6 video lessons

• Kicking Drills x 11 video lessons

• Beauty and Performance Drills x 42 video lessons

• Training Tips and Body Methods x 32 video lessons

• Philosophy and Lore of Tai Chi x 39 video lessons

• Core Concept x 12 video lessons

• Pushing Hands x 69 video lessons

• Striking Drills x 12 video lessons

• Sarring Training Sessions x 14 video lessons

• Stepping Drills x 18 video lessons

• Dodging Skills x 28 video lessons

• Tai Chi Self-Defense Techniques x 41 video lessons

• 42 Style Tai Chi Sword Form x 27 video lessons

• Lore of the Sword x 11 video lessons

• Philosophy and Lore of Tai Chi Sword x 27 video lessons

• Baguazhang Qigong Course x 83 video lessons

• Immune Support and Pain Relieving Qigong Series, currently releasing

• Upcoming Qigong Series: Yi Jin Jing, Swimming Dragon, 5 Element Qigong, Pre-Birth Qigong, and more

• Monthly live lesson and Q & A replays

Unlimited access to over 600 high-quality video lessons. New lessons added every month!

For martial arts enthusiasts and learners, our Tai Chi and Qigong programs feature over 600 video lessons (still growing), presented in a Netflix-style format. Our library caters to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, providing a diverse range of content. In addition, new lessons added every month!

Monthly Live Lecture with Q and A where Sifu Jensen helps you personally!

Every month, Sifu Jensen generously hosts a captivating live lecture, offering invaluable coaching and expert tips tailored to accelerate your progress. Embrace the enjoyable opportunity to engage in live discussion and learning during the dynamic Question and Answer session.

Clear structured weekly lesson plans to help you learn and progress

Weekly lessons are conveniently mapped out to help you easily learn and progress. Flexible multiple study paths included, pick whichever path that suites your need.

  • Foundation Tai Chi Path

  • Athletic and Graceful Tai Chi Path

  • Classical Combat Tai Chi Path

  • Healing and Longevity Tai Chi Path

  • Tai Chi Sword Path

  • Pushing Hands

  • Tai Chi Boxing

  • Foundation Course

  • Comprehensive Tai Chi Path - Create your own plan

  • Immune and Pain Relieving Qigong

  • Liang Zhen Pu Style Baguazhang Course

  • Yi Jin Jing Qigong

  • Relaxing Tendons Floating Bones Qigong and more!

Premium Tea House community access

Exclusive membership gives you access to our premium Tea House Community. Connect with peers for additional support. Enjoy tailored guidance from Sifu Jensen personally. Engage in a variety of enjoyable challenges designed to foster personal growth. Set achievable goals and celebrate each small victory along the way. This is your special sanctuary to learn, develop, and build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

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Our beautiful lessons are designed for modern living. They can easily fit into your busy schedule. Watch on any of your favorite device, your computer, tablet, cell phone, or hook it up to your TV. 

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