Be Naturally Healthy, Happy and Victorious

When plants or animals mature and become strong and healthy, we think it natural.

At 10,000 Victories we help you to be healthy, vibrant, victorious, and happy. To be able to live and prosper in harmony with yourself, your family, and your community.

Best Online Classical Martial Arts Programs

Sifu Scott Jensen’s 10,000 Victories Online is your best resource for learning classical Chinese martial and healing arts like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Northern Shaolin, and Xing Yi Quan. 


We’ve created over 600 videos (still growing) of high quality, easy to follow lessons teaching you how to become healthy, strong, fit, coordinated, balanced, flexible, courageous, and happier by learning incredible Tai Chi and Kung Fu!  


The ancient wisdom of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kung Fu works to transform your health, fitness, and mind!  


Start learning today with International Gold Medalist and master instructor Scott Jensen as your guide and teacher. Scott Jensen has inherited Northern Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan, and Xing Yi Quan from the late Great Grandmaster Wong Jackman.  


In addition, Scott Jensen studied intensively with the heads of the family styles of Tai Chi, and with the greatest Kung Fu Grandmasters. Now he is sharing his 40+ years of experiences and insights on how to achieve your optimal body, mind, and spirit health online. 

For Tai Chi Quan, we have curated 6 different paths:

For Tai Chi Quan, we have curated 6 different paths:

  • Foundation Tai Chi 

  • Athletic And Graceful Tai Chi 

  • Healing and Longevity Tai Chi 

  • Classical Combat Tai Chi 

  • Tai Chi Sword 

  • Pushing Hands

Pick Your favorite and begin your Tai Chi journey! Start your body, mind, spirit transformation today! You will learn Old Yang Family Tai Chi Long Form. Chen Pan Ling Lineage 42 Style Tai Chi Sword. 

Qi Gong, or healthy breathing and stretching exercises, includes:

Qi Gong, or healthy breathing and stretching exercises, includes:

  • Relaxing Tendons, Floating Bones Qigong 

  • Post Standing Qigong 

  • Pre-Birth Qigong 

  • Swimming Dragon 

  • Tornado Core  

  • Circle Walking Qigong 

  • Yi Jin Jing Qigong 

  • Five-Element Qigong

Choose how you want to learn and get started easily today. Qigong invigorates your body and mind, relieves stress and reduces emotional tension. It empowers your wellbeing and quality of life!

Browse Programs

Push Hands

Learn Tai Chi’s popular partner game called Push Hands that helps you learn how to protect yourself with Tai Chi. Push hands is a game of off balancing each other using pushing, pulling, shifting your weight, and stepping. Tai Chi push hands is a fun, safe game you can add to your Tai Chi practice!

Tai Chi Sword

Level Up your Tai Chi with Tai Chi Sword. Beautiful, graceful, powerful, and magical Tai Chi Sword is a great new way to exercise!

Qi Gong Series

Healthy breathing and stretching exercises that gently and profoundly transform your body and mind. Build inner and outer strength while relaxing and calming your mind. Focusing on your body, energy, and mind to build vibrant health, Qi Gong is 100% peaceful.

Foundation Tai Chi Course

The perfect place to begin your Tai Chi journey. Immediately experience health benefits and build Energy, Strength, Balance, and Relaxation.

Classical Combat Tai Chi Path

Learn the 3 self-defense aspects of the Tai Chi Chuan with fun pushing hands drills for grappling skills, fun sparring games teach striking, dodging, and footwork skills, and practical self-defense techniques for every move of the Tai Chi Form. Real confidence comes from real skills, learn the authentic techniques from a lineage master.

Athletic and Graceful Tai Chi Path

Build upon the great lessons in the Foundation Course and improve the beauty and athleticism of your Tai Chi practice. Great for intermediates and adventuresome beginners.

Healing and Longevity Tai Chi Path

Perfect for total beginners new to exercise or sports. Great for recovering from illness or injury with gentle nurturing. Build your balance and energy with safe, gentle exercise.

Strong Body, Calm Mind, and Joyful Spirit

Finding a meaningful and correct way to exercise your body and mind is not easy. Ancient wisdom of classical martial and healing arts have withstood the test of time to help people build robust physical health, strong mind, and joyful spirit. Learn to use your body correctly, heal, build your balance, increase your focus and strength, and be happier. Sifu Jensen has helped countless people change their lives with these superior ancient lineage arts for over 40 years. Start your journey toward optimal health today! 


Dr. David Solnit's Healing Journey

Dr. Solnit has been studying classical martial arts with Sifu Jensen for over 20 years. Before he started he had painful joint issues that prevented him from enjoying life. At the time of making this video he was 70 years old. He is now over 70 and is still going strong! Check out his amazing transformation!


River's Transformation

Check out the profound benefits River got from the classical martial arts of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, in particular, Northern Shaolin.


Discover Your Own

As a musician, Ila, finds the practice of Classical Martial Arts a life changing practice. Discover your inner muse and fountain of confidence in your artistry.

What's included in the subscription?

The complete art of Tai Chi and healing Qigong lessons

Include movement instructions and follow along lessons, philosophy and lore, history, core concepts, correct body mechanics, alignments,  getting results, self-defense applications and much more.

Unlimited access to over 600 lessons + monthly new videos

You'll find beautiful lessons from beginners to advanced practitioners. New lessons added every month!

Clear structured weekly lesson plans to help you learn and progress

Weekly lessons are conveniently mapped out to help you easily learn and progress. Flexible multiple study paths included, pick whichever path that suites your need.

Direct support from Sifu Jensen

Sifu Jensen gives a live lecture every month to give extra coaching and tips to help you progress. Have fun chatting and learning live during Q and A session.

Empower My Well-being!


Unlimited Access to all of Tai Chi and Qi Gong Lessons. Monthly live Q and A support directly from Sifu Jensen. Save $59 with an annual plan.

Your tuition supports your wellbeing and the preservation of these marvelous ancient healing arts!

Gary Moring

Gary Moring

Ben Vanderjack

Ben Vanderjack

Kent Kreiselmaier

Kent Kreiselmaier

Hannah Mosqueda

Hannah Mosqueda

Pascale Hery

Pascale Hery

I began studying with Sifu Jensen in 1991. For the last 30 years I have seen him and his school continue to prosper and thrive, offering “old school” traditional Chinese martial arts. Sifu Jensen’s continuous support and encouragement of his students is why I still practice what I learned from him. He instills a deep desire to want to be your best in life!

The breadth and depth of Jensen’s knowledge is, on examination, staggering bordering on the achievement of a savant, and he doesn’t brag about it. I have never met the man in person, and he has done enough for my education of the true nature of the martial arts to rival any of my traditional teachers in Karate. 

I am a student of Northern Shaolin and Yang Tai Chi in the Pacific Northwest, and I had been looking for an online program to supplement my class instruction. Sifu Jensen’s Online Academy far exceeded my expectations.

Sifu Jensen has a wealth of knowledge of the Yang form, its connections to philosophy and Chinese medicine, and the full Yang martial curriculum of push hands and Applications. This is by far the best online Tai Chi program I have yet found, and I look forward to his future offerings in Northern Shaolin and Xingyi! 

I have never been particularly interested in the martial arts, but after this program I am absolutely a convert to the healing effects of Tai Chi. Years ago I was in a terrible car accident that left me with lasting pain in my hips, and back, tension all along my spine, and a feeling of weakness in my injured shoulder. Everything from my balance, to my mood, and my daily function was impaired. About a year ago my husband found the Jensens and there is no way to accurately represent the improvement I’ve experienced without seeming exaggeration.

I started Tai Chi practice in order to fortify my body and to improve my breathing, and I was specially looking for standing exercises to strengthen my feet and legs. I also wanted to work on my will power, and test my stamina. I chose Tai Chi because I was inspired by its choreography, and because it is a unique and meaningful way to work on body and mind.

I deeply benefited from Sifu Jensen’s outstanding technical knowledge, dedication, kindness and patience, and I would recommend studying with him for the richness, comprehensiveness and sophistication of his program.

Peter Beauer

Peter Beauer

Jackie Thompson

Jackie Thompson

Carol Mirenda

Carol Mirenda

John Granitir

John Granitir

I learned Tai Chi from over 25 years ago and wanted to re-start and advance my practice. Restarting with Sifu Scott Jensen learning Tai Chi & Tai Chi Sword was awesome. It really all comes back! It has been great for building my strength, balance, flexibility and relieving stress and foot, leg, hip, back & neck pain. I was looking for more advanced Tai Chi lessons and found them at 10,000 Victories.  

At 10,000 Victories we study both the Tai Chi & Tai Chi Sword form. (The 46 style Tai Chi sword from the Chen Pan Ling Lineage of Tai Chi.) The Tai Chi Sword form has a complete set of classical sword techniques. There are very few repetitions so the form is full of unique movements. This makes it exciting and fun to learn and practice.  Restarting my Tai Chi studies with Sifu Scott Jensen at 10,000 Victories has been like finding the fountain of youth, who knew it was here this whole time.  

I was guided to meet Sifu Jensen from my chiropractor who said with your injuries the only way you will be able to heal and improve is if you study with Sifu Scott Jensen. This was after receiving a diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome from a Neurologist who told me “You will not even be able to feed yourself within 5 years. Since there is no cure for your injuries, I can only offer you pain control”. I was unwilling to spend the rest of my days on painkillers.

Practicing Bagua Zhang and Qi Gong I was able to improve and eventually remove all the symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome!

Within the first few months of training with Sifu Jensen I began seeing results. No more numbness, no tingling, and very minimal pain as the nerve damage was healing.  I improved a little at a time. I now can wake up without any pain! There are no words that can describe the gift of health and pain free living.

I now feel I am actually in better shape than I was 20 years ago! I actually feel 20 years younger than I am. I am now 76 and can do some moves I could not even do at 20 years of age! It is a lifetime of health that you are embarking on when you begin to work with Sifu Jensen.

I cannot recommend anyone more devoted to bringing healing to you! Do not wait to begin a new journey toward optimal health! 

From working with Sifu and within 10000 Victories I have gained friendships and a welcoming sense of belonging. All ages are welcome; everyone has something to contribute and to learn. There is a camaraderie among people who share an interest of working toward something better within ourselves. 

10000 Victories is more than Tai Chi; it is a venue for all styles of Kung Fu. And there is far more to learn about Tai Chi than what is commonly envisioned. For example, I have broadened my interests to Tai Chi Sword forms.  Highly rewarding and fun!

Learning a form of exercise that can be done, in whole or in part, anywhere (indoors, outdoors, standing in line, on an airplane) has enormous practical benefits.  Learning Tai Chi from Sifu Jensen is its own reward: He imparts the skills and moves and knowledge and you reap the benefits of a healthier body. 

Sifu is part of an unbroken tradition and lineage of N Shaolin martial arts.

For 40 years he has devoted himself to rigorous study both in US and Asia. He has entered many tournaments, won countless awards, and proven himself a Master of many styles of Martial Arts. He has been a leader in the Bay Area MA community.

Sifu has wide range and depth of knowledge, and mastery of many skills, and still  approaches Martial Arts with a spirit of humility and giving.

Tai Chi has given me focus, strength, and balance. It improves my posture, confidence, and self esteem.

I’ve taken many Tai Chi and martial arts classes over the years and I cannot say enough good things about Sifu Jensen and the 10,000 Victories. They are the real deal.

Need to learn more?

Need to learn more?

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